Tikvah: Students for Israel

The Zionist voice at UC Berkeley

What is Tikvah?

Tikvah: Students for Israel (SFI) is a group of students at UC Berkeley dedicated to advocating for Zionism - the national movement of the Jewish people for self-determination in their homeland, Israel.

Toward this goal we engage in educational programs, cultural events, and political advocacy on the Berkeley campus and in the local community.

The name 'Tikvah' means 'hope' in Hebrew, and refers to Israel's national anthem.

Tikvah has only one political position: we believe in the right of the Jewish people to have a sovereign state within the Land of Israel. Just like any sovereign state, Israel has the right to independent governance and the obligation to defend its citizens.

While we have no positions on internal Israeli politics, or on final status agreements in the Arab-Israeli conflict, Tikvah demands the right of the Jewish people to self-determination in their homeland.

In the face of an organized movement to delegitimize the Jewish state, Tikvah strives to educate about the Jewish connection to the Land of Israel and advocate for Israel's rights as a nation.

We are committed to accurate, respectful, and fair dialogue, and we combat the spread of propaganda which is untruthful, demonizing, or unfairly biased against the Jewish state.

Tikvah holds regular meetings to discuss current political issues pertaining to Israel. We invite speakers with expertise ranging from Israeli political leadership to professional sports. We organize social and cultural events to celebrate the State of Israel. And we maintain an active and visible presence on the UC Berkeley campus.

What's new

Have a great summer!
Tikvah will resume regular programming at the beginning of the fall semester